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Underwear Club Subscription - How do I change colors, styles and patterns?

As your personal style may change, we want to be able to keep up with your preferences and continue to curate a box you'll enjoy. Want to add more colors? Change styles? You can do so from the My Account section of your subscription page by selecting

Underwear Club Subscription - How do I Preview & Refine my renewal order?

Curious to see what we've curated for you? You can Preview & Refine your upcoming subscription box in case you want to make any changes. While we'll email or text you with link to access the Preview & Refine feature, you can always view this informat

Underwear Club Subscription - How do I change my waist size?

If ever you need to update your size, you can do so from the My Account section of your subscription. Select "Manage Preferences". Select your new waist size. Once you have selected your new size, please scroll to the bottom and select "Update". Plea

Underwear Club Subscription - Advanced Reservations (Underwear)

Advanced Reservations. Want to pick what is in your next Preview & Refine? See something you like and want to make sure it's reserved for you? Are you currently in Preview & Refine and want to add an item that you saw in our store?. Make sure you are

Underwear Club Subscription - How to add socks?

Yes! We're happy to say that we can also upgrade your sock drawer. As an existing member, you can add socks to your subscription during Preview & Refine - the 48 hours before your order ships or before. Socks are available as a one time or recurring

How do I change the quantity or shipping frequency?

Quantity. Log into your account and select "Manage Subscription". Then select # of pairs and or # of Socks. Finally select "Save Changes". Frequency. Under "# Your Subscription", here you can select the frequency you would like to get your box.

How do I pause my subscription?

Have too much underwear? Going on vacation, or do simply need a break? We've got you covered!. You can put your subscription on hold for up to three months by changing the next ship date. Once the pause is up, your shipments will resume. To pause you

How to get my next box sooner?

To change your next box's shipping date to sooner:. 1. Log into the My Account section, and navigate to "View your next order", there you can select "Send Now". 2. This will change your next ship date to 24 hours from now to give you time to select f

Subscription Order "on hold" due to credit card issue?

Please note: Leaving your subscription On Hold does not mean your subscription is canceled. To fix an on-hold order due to a credit card issue, navigate to "Payment Method” from the My Account section. After you update your payment, your order will b

How do I cancel and what is the policy?

Underwear Expert Club allows you to cancel at anytime. Many of our customers have chosen to pause their subscription, or work with us to resolve any concerns instead of cancelling, however the choice is yours. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU CANCEL:. FEATURES

Need to reactivate your Subscription?

To reactivate your subscription, kindly go to the My Account section, and then you will see "Reactivate". Check your payment information and shipping address on your subscription so there are no delays on your order. Note: If you think a duplicate or

How do I change my shipping address?

If your order has been paid/processed?. You can only update your shipping address for your next box, you would need to reach out to us ASAP to try and get the address changed before your box ships. If your order has already shipped?. Any changes to t