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Loyalty PointsUpdated 2 months ago


Please navigate and sign into your account. There you will find "Rewards."

Note: Pending Points - This means that you had a recent order and it takes 30 days for those points to become active.

Your Rewards

Here you will see your redeemed rewards.

Redeem Reward


To redeem, select the reward you'd like and copy the voucher code. 

Then navigate to "View my next order," there you will find "Add discount," add the coupon.

Once accepted, you will see the coupon code and the amount discounted off your next order.


Loyalty Points can be used at checkout and work as a discount on the order. Shipping cost will have to be paid for if your order is below the threshold for free shipping.  

EX: If your order is $100 and you use $55 worth of loyalty points on that order, your new total is $45 which puts you under the $50 needed for free shipping. You would need to pay the shipping cost even though your order was originally $100.

How to earn points?

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