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How do I change the quantity or shipping frequency?Updated 6 days ago

Did you know you can change the number of pairs we send, as well as how often we curate a box for you? You can change the frequency of your orders at any time by visiting the Subscription section of your Account.


Log into your account and select "Manage Subscription".

Then select # of pairs and or # of Socks.

  • 1 pair
    • 1-3 pair(s) of sock(s)
  • 2 pairs
    • 1-3 pair(s) of sock(s)
  • 3 pairs
    • 1-3 pair(s) of sock(s)
  • 4 pairs
    • 1-3 pair(s) of sock(s)
  • 6 pairs
    • 1-3 pair(s) of sock(s)

Finally select "Save Changes".


Under "# Your Subscription", here you can select the frequency you would like to get your box. 

*Note - If you are currently in Preview & Refine for your upcoming order, this will not skip the current box that is processing. You would need to change the charge date to stop the current order from processing.

Feel free to Contact Us should you have any questions!
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