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How to cancel an order?Updated 20 days ago

In Preview & Refine orders
For subscription orders, once your account is in Preview & Refine, you have up to 48 hours before your next order is renewed to skip that box. From the Account section, to skip that box, kindly navigate to "Subscription", select "Next charge date", and then select the date you would like your next box to be from the left sidebar. You can also do so by navigating to the “Upcoming” tab and then clicking on “Skip” under your subscription.

Order Processed/Marked Paid

If the order has not shipped, we can attempt to stop this order, however, it is not guaranteed.

As a reminder, this must be done before payment is processed and your order is prepared for shipment. If payment has already been made, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we will do our best to cancel it however it depends on where it is in the packing process. If your order has already shipped, we are unable to stop the order at that point.

If your account is "On Hold" please contact us to skip the box that is on hold.

Once payment is received, any changes made at that time will be applied to future orders. If you need to cancel an order after payment has been made, please contact our Customer Experience Team. Please note that depending on how far along we are in processing your order, we may not be able to cancel it. Once an order has shipped and is in transit, it cannot be canceled.

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