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Subscription Order "on hold" due to credit card issue?Updated a year ago

Please note: Leaving your subscription On Hold does not mean your subscription is canceled.


To fix an on-hold order due to a credit card issue, navigate to "Payment Method” from the My Account section. After you update your payment, your order will be charged in our next renewal processing time, up to 24 hours later. Your subscription will remain on hold until that time. (Don't worry if you update your card and see that your subscription is still on hold.)

In some cases, an authorization of $1.00 USD may be placed on the card to verify the validity, and availability of funds when the card details are updated. This is not a charge, and the hold will drop off in a few days. 

If we attempt to charge your card and the payment does not go through, your account will be put on hold. For your convenience, we will retry your card again up to 30 days, until success or if another payment method is provided by you in the account.

After 30 days, we will cancel the pending order and change your renewal date to the next available date set within your frequency.

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