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Underwear Club Subscription - Advanced Reservations (Underwear)Updated 2 months ago

Advanced Reservations

Want to pick what is in your next Preview & Refine? See something you like and want to make sure it's reserved for you? Are you currently in Preview & Refine and want to add an item that you saw in our store?

Make sure you are logged in to your account and your Underwear Club Subscription is Active.

Note: Advanced Reservation Rules

  • Items are reserved for 30 days
  • The number of items you can reserve are the same number of pairs in your subscription
  • Any other items in your Advanced Reservations are "saved" (this means that IF the item is available when your Preview & Refine is ready, we can show it to you but it's not guaranteed) 

With in our store, if you navigate to an Underwear product that you like and would like to reserve for your Preview & Refine, you will see "Add to next box" as an available option.

Select the color, then the size and then add to next box option and then finally add to next box.

If successful, you will see that the item is saved in your "Advanced Reservations."

If not successful, you will see this error. This means that based on your waist size on your subscription, we know that this item and size will not fit.

You can view and remove your "Advanced Reservation" items by going to your account and selecting "Advanced Reservations."

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