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Underwear Club Subscription - How to add socks?Updated 2 months ago

Yes! We're happy to say that we can also upgrade your sock drawer. As an existing member, you can add socks to your subscription during Preview & Refine - the 48 hours before your order ships or before. Socks are available as a one time or recurring purchase and can be added as 1, 2, or 3 pairs. 

Sock Pricing:

1 Pair - $12
2 Pairs - $22 ($11 each)
3 Pairs - $30 ($10 each)

Ex: If you add 2 pairs of socks ($22) to your 2 pair Underwear Club Subscription ($55) would make your total $77 (not including taxes or shipping).

How to add socks to your subscription?

Once logged into your account, select "Manage subscriptions," then select "Manage subscription" on the subscription that you are looking for (note: this only works for Underwear Club Subscriptions).

Then scroll down to # of socks and select the quantity that you would like.

Once selected, you will see your new subscription price and select "Save Changes."

When you are in Preview & Refine, you will see socks at the bottom of your Underwear selections.

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